Mozaik Capital is an investment and advisory firm

About us

Mozaik Capital is an investment company focused on helping businesses grow and expand their market reach internationally. We rely on organic growth and use an active investment approach to assist enterprises to surpass their limit. Using our global network and strategic partnerships, we’ve helped many entrepreneurs dive successfully into new markets. We focus on upcoming entrepreneurial trends that help business owners stay on top of things.

Our company invests actively in our portfolio companies, assisting them in any way we can. We strive to achieve open and constructive communication between all the stakeholders. We always aim at establishing a strong relationship among the founders, investors, and the executive team. We’ve found combining effective communication with well-established relationships as an excellent approach in helping companies grow. We are non-descriptive of asset class and supportive of founder interest.

Why Choose Us?

We guarantee growth in all sectors and industries with our global network of contacts. We will walk with you every step of the way to ensure that you get to the top. We focus on the mid-to-long term investment view. Therefore, we add a touch of patience to our investments opportunities.

If you value experience, rest assured that we have it. Our company has helped many entrepreneurs start and establish their businesses in this competitive market. We will work with you from inception to exit to ensure that you’re well-established.

We can help you dissect the hardest steps of starting a business that is, proving your idea, demonstrating that your product is fit for the market, and growing your company. With our supportive approach and realistic expectations, you can expect a seamless way of entering the market.

We provide advisory on anything related to blockchain technology through our strong network of entrepreneurs and technology experts.

Most times, we like to work with companies that demonstrate an excellent fit within our network. Our investors bring a lot of expertise, capital, and an extensive global network to the table.  

Mozaik Capital’s Team

We have an experienced and passionate team that evaluates attractive investment opportunities. Whether your business is new or established, we will evaluate its merits and help it succeed in this competitive market.

We aim at providing our members with a supportive and collaborative team to share investment while helping them become successful entrepreneurs.

Who we are?

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